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You didn’t hear everything? Take part in the communication by reading the a written version of the conversation, phone call, conference speaker. On your mobile phone, tablet, computer, on a screen.


Speech-to-text Interpreting

  • In seminars, at university, in a doctor’s office, in hopital or in court
  • In your job during meetings, negotiations, presentations or events
  • Consultation, organization of events with captioning , live subtitling or written scripts in German or English
  • Effective communication taking into account the abilities of the persons involvedWe walk the talk: We offer accessibility services with our mixed team of speech-to-text interpreters with and without disabilities.

To ensure effective communication for all requires qualified interpreters. At the SDI München we offer a certified further training course for speech-to-text interpreters for persons with vision impairment, blind persons and persons without disabilities.


Please note: In many cases different instutitions like statutory health insurances or pension funds pay for interpretation costs. We support you in applying for the reimbursement of costs.


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